Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: It's Skin Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence

I already told you all that i am on midterm exam, right? Well, i got really lazy to study since tomorrow's exam are Bahasa Indonesia and Physics. My Bahasa Indonesia teacher make his own exam question, but the thing is, one question = one page. Imagine, every exam he had to make 50 questions (all multiple choice) or 40 multiple choice and 5 essays. I got really sleepy just reading one question. -_-

My brain right now just shuts down and turned on right away when i was thinking of making another review. Weird.. xD

Contains 75ml of product. At first, i thought it's exactly like Scion Whitening Roll-on because they both have the same amount of product and had the same purposes which is for whitening. But when you open the cap, it actually had a sponge attached to it. And inside this product is water-like, which doesn't last long because every time you use this, a small amount of special liquid inside will gone.

This is what the back of the product looks like. As you can see, you can use this whitening essence on your knees, elbows, under arm, etc. I use only on my knees and elbows because the skin around that area is rough and really dark. >_> I want to at least soften that area and brighten it even just a bit. Some of my friends ask me why is my elbows and knees are so dark. I hate hearing that, i really do. >_>


Sponge attached to it. Making it easier to use the product. But be careful if you try too hard the sponge might fall off.

Not cute at all. Too plain. Only pink color and some writing. Boring. >_>
But i do like the shape of the bottle. It's so sexy like a body of a super model. (/* *)/
And the shape of the bottle give you a nice grip.

I bought mine from one of my trusted online shop for IDR 105000 with pre-order 14-16 days.
Be patient okay. :)

The shape gives you a nice grip
Easy to apply

Doesn't last long
Doesn't worth the price
Packaging too boring
Sponge might fall off if not careful

Overall: 1.5/5
I bought mine a month ago, i think. And been using it every day before going to school and bed. Results? My skin around elbow and knee area isn't as rough as before, it makes my skin soft and brighten it at the same time.

Will I Repurchase?
Maybe not. Maybe i'll try another whitening essence. If any off you guys know a really good one and really worth the price, do tell. xD

Gah, why do i love blogging at midnight.

Good night wonderful beings. <3


Anonymous said...

kalo mau beli ke olshop mana ya??

Sonia W. said...

Di facebook.com/BeautyGlowing :)

Sonia W. said...
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Anonymous said...

Does it really work? I'm looking to buy one :3 My knees are very dark :c

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